Similar to baseball's spring training, the sumo world engages in jungyo (巡業) tours between basho tournaments to raise public awareness of sumo, develop the audience for the sport, and show a lighter side to an otherwise very serious group of professional athletes.

At each jungyo event, you're treated to a series of exhibition matches and informative demonstrations of the ceremonial aspects of sumo.

Entry Fees Before Aug 21, 2018
Section A Seat (2nd Floor) ¥19,636

・If total cost is ¥5,000 or less, you will incur a flat fee service charge of ¥500.
・If total cost is more than ¥5,000, you will incur a service charge amounting to 10% of total cost.

日本国籍以外の方がエントリーした場合、無効となる場合があります 。

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