The17th annual Pink Ribbon Walk in Tokyo will be held at Odaiba. Walk or run through 170 thousand tulips (imagine 400 types!) and visit all of the exciting booths, such as the Pink Ribbon Donut Cafe, a photo #hashtag booth, and a mammography info booth! Wear your best pink outfit and help fight and learn about breast cancer awareness this April!

500 yen from your entry fee will be donated to your Pink Ribbon Pin.

Included: Pink Ribbon Pin & Towel

Entry Fees Before Apr 01, 2018
10km Walk ¥2,000
6km Walk ¥2,000
2km Walk ¥2,000
6km Fun Run ¥2,000

・There will be a 10% service fee added to the total cost

6km Fun Run
● This is not a timed race.
● Part of the race will take place on a public road and pedistrian crossing. Follow all traffic rules and directions from the official.
● Those who ignore traffic lights will be disqualified.

Eligibility & Time Limit:
Middle School student and above
* Elementary School student and below can walk for free.

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