Ise Shima, home to the most sacred Shinto Shrine, is hosting their annual Ise Shima Satoumi Triathlon that brings international and local athletes together in Mie Prefecture. Start with a 1500m swim at Oyahama Beach, located across from Ago Bay where pearl culturing originated. Follow it up with a 40km bike ride full of challenging, yet rewarding hills and turns. Finish with a 10km run exploring the city and listening to waves crash along Bindama Road.

Entry Fees Before May 02, 2018 Before May 31, 2018
Olympic Triathlon (JTU member) ¥24,000 ¥25,000
Olympic Triathlon (+JTU One Day Membership: ¥1,000) ¥25,000 ¥26,000
Olympic Triathlon *Shima Resident (JTU member) ¥21,000 ¥22,000
Olympic Triathlon *Shima Resident (+JTU One Day Membership: ¥1,000) ¥22,000 ¥23,000
Olympic Relay (JTU member) ¥36,000 ¥37,000
Olympic Relay (+JTU One Day Membership: ¥1,000/person) ¥37,000 ¥38,000
Olympic Relay *Shima Resident (JTU member) ¥33,000 ¥34,000
Olympic Relay *Shima Resident (+JTU One Day Membership: ¥1,000 for one person) ¥34,000 ¥35,000

Registration fees include:
・Certificate of Completion
・English Registration
・English Event Guide
・English Email/Phone Support
・Event Insurance
・Post-Race Follow-up (Results, Photos)

・There will be a 10% service fee added to the total cost.
・Race Information
You will receive an email containing an event guide from Samurai Sports 2 to 3 weeks before the event. If you have questions, send us an email! Otherwise, we tend not to bother y'all or bombard you with emails regarding the event - we keep things simple.

Must follow all Japan Triathlon Union (JTU) regulations, as well as some local Shima city rules.
To all racers:
1. Understand the rules, schedule, and course details before participating.
2. Only those who are registered can participate in the race. Entry fees cannot be transferred.
3. Refrain from drinking alcohol, get enough sleep and nutrients, and drink plenty of water a day before the race.
4. Withdraw from the race at any time if you are feeling unwell.
5. There will be no refunds if the event is cancelled or shortened due to unforseen weather. Announcements will be made by 7:00 AM on the day of the race. See below for examples.
・If the sea water temperature is under 64.4°F (18°C).
・If the wind velocity is over 10m or waves are over 2m high. The race may be cancelled or shortened during the race if it becomes unsafe.
・If the rain or fog significantly impairs the vision (range of visibility is under 500m)
・During natural disasters such as a typhoon or earthquake
・When the event organizers and officials decide the condition is unsafe and dangerous.
・If the swim portion is cancelled, the race will become a Duathlon (Standard 2km run, 40km bike, 10km run OR Sprint 1km run, 20km bike, 5km run). If the swim and bike portions are cancelled, the race will become a Run (Standard 10km or Sprint 5km).
・Entries cannot be transferred.

Race Course
1. It is your responsibility to fully understand the course and race environment. Participants who do not complete the correct number of laps will be disqualified.
2. If you breakaway from the course, resume from the point that you broke away. Running in the opposite direction is prohibitted.
3. It is prohibitted to receive assistance other than at official aid stations.
4. Follow all traffic rules even during the race.
・Understand and acknowledge all traffic rules
・Keep left during the bike and run portion. Be cautious of other racers.
・Pay close attention to spectators and pedestrians who are crossing.
・Keep left and slow down when emergency vehicles are present. You may have to stop and yield to emergency vehicles.

Attire & Gear
1. Must wear swim caps that are provided.
2. The use of wetsuits are encouraged, but not mandatory. The water temperature is predicted to be 71.6 ~ 75.2℉ (22~24℃).
3. You must wear proper attire (both top and bottom) during the bike and run portion.
4. You cannot unzip your bike shirt
5. Make sure your bikes serviced before the race. There will only be basic tuning at the mechanical service the day before and day of the event.
6. Helmets are required while riding on bicycles at all times, even during warm ups.
7. Take off any items on your bicycle that are unnecessary during the race, such as fenders, stands, and covers (lights and reflectors are permitted).
8. Proper body number marking - Mark both arms with the 2 tattoo stickers. If your arms are covered, then mark both thighs.
9. Helmet number marking - place on the front, left, and ride side (total 3)
Bicycle number marking - place on the left seat post (total 1)
10. We recommend the usage of a race number belt. (only 1 race number is required). If used, then wear on your back during the bike portion and move it to the front during the run portion.
11. Taking pictures, listening to music, and using earphones/headphones are prohibitted during the race for saftey reasons.

About the schedule
1. The participant must physically attend the registration (1PM - 3:45PM) and briefing (2PM or 4PM) on June 30. You will be penalized if you are absent or late. For relays, only the team captain needs to attend the registration, but everyone must be present for the briefing.
2. Turn in your health check sheet that you received at registration when you check in to swim. There will be a time penalty if turned in late.

Timing Chip (ankle)
1. You will receive your ankle timing chip during the swim check. You will be disqualified if the timing chip is not worn at all times during all events. No exceptions.
2. The timing chip can be worn on the right or left ankle. The rubber band must be securely fastened so avoid falls and accidents. Relay teams will receive 1 sash per team.
3. You must return the timing chip at the end of the race. You will be charged 5,400 yen if not returned.

Swim Check
1. The purpose of the swim check it to ensure swim safety. Wear your ankle timing chip and make sure it works.
2. You cannot leave the swim area once you finish the swim check. Let one of the volunteers if you must leave the area (i.e. bathroom or if you forgot something).

About the Swim Portion
1. The swim portion consists of 2 laps of 750m. There will be a 2 minute gap between each wave.
2. Swim cut off - Must finish the first lap within 30 minutes and 1500m within 1 hour.
3. The race official or lifeguard will ask you to withdraw if they feel you cannot safely continue.
4. There will be water stations at the start and finish line. Make sure you drink enough water before the race.
5. Resting for a short period by hanging onto a buoy or boat is permitted.
6. In an emergency, swim away from the course and float on your back to catch your breath.
7. To be rescued, waive a hand in the air and call for help.

To skip the swim
1. You can skip the swim portion if you are feeling unwell on the day of the race. Indicate it on the health checklist and your swim result will show as DNF (SKIP). Start at the bike start line.
2. You cannot skip the swim portion if you already started the race. You will be disqualified if you start feeling unwell after the race starts.

Transition Area
1. Only racers are allowed in the transition area, spectators must remain outside. Riding your bicycle inside the transition area is prohibitted.
2. Place everything you need during the bike and run portions in your transition area.
3. Place your bikes with the handle in the front of the rack and the saddle hanging on the rack.
4. Place everything you don't need after the swim and leave it in your transition area (i.e. swim cap, goggles, wetsuit, etc.). There will be a penalty for any dropped items on the course.
5. Wear your helmet before taking your bike off the rack. Take your helmet off after you hang your bike on the rack.
6. Ride on your bike after your front wheel crosses the start line. Get off your bike after your front wheel crosees the finish line.

1. There will be a separate area for relay teams near the swim and bike transition area.
2. All members must wait in the relay zone until their turn.
3. Take the ankle timing chip from the previous member and make sure to securely strap onto either ankle.

About the Bike Portion
1. The bike portion consists of 2 laps of 20km (total 40km).
2. To avoid dehydration, you must have 1 water bottle on your bicycle. Do not use disposable plastic bottles.
3. Keep left and do not ride side by side, unless when passing.
4. You will ride through 4 tunnels per lap. We recommend wearing sunglasses that are transparent.
5. Drafting is prohibitted at all times. Riding within 10m of each other will be considered drafting and will be penalized.
6. If passing a biker, you must pass within 20 seconds or else it'll be considered drafting. Make sure you signal by calling out loud and pass on the ride side. It is prohibitted to pass when there are corners.
7. After passing, keep left after you get enough distance with the biker behind you.

About the Run Portion
1. The run portion consists of 4 laps of 2.5km (total of 10km).
2. Pass from the right side after letting the runner know.
3. You will be photographed at the finish line. Take off your sunglasses and hat to identify yourself. Smile!
4. You may finish with family and friends only if it does not interfere with another runner. Standby near the finish line and wait until the race official signals to go.
5. After crossing the finish line, wait for instructions from a volunteer and return the ankle timing chip.

1. When withdrawing from the race, let one of the officials know and return the ankle timing chip.
2. Do not run in the opposite direction of the race.
3. Be aware of your surroundings and notify an official or volunteer if someone looks unwell or unfit to race.
4. Emergency vehicles will be available on the course. Let an official or volunteer know if you need help.
5. In any case of accident, we will call an ambulance. When an ambulance is present, slow down and keep left in a single file line .

Cut Off Time, Race Result, and Finisher's Certificate
1. There will be a cut off time for each event.
2. There will be a tent for results at the race. The offical results will be posted the next day on the official race site.
3. Your finisher's certificate will be distributed after the race. We will not mail finisher's certificates.

1. Anyone who violates race rules or shows unsportsmanlike conduct will receive a verbal warning.
2. After the verbal warning, you will receive a time penalty. When you receive a time penalty, you must wait 1 minute per penalty inside the transition penalty area. You will be disqualified If you do not wait in the penalty area.
3. You will be disqualified if you receive 3 penalties.
4. You will be disqualified if you cause an accident due to unsportsmanlike conduct.

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