You know it's time for biking season once the snow starts to melt in the Alps! Join us in April and register for the Sakura Group if you're interested in seeing Japan's famous cherry blossoms. Or come later in the spring in May for the Midori Group if you like to be surrounded by lush green scenery.

There are different options for all levels and enthusiasts for biking. The Sakura Group in April offers distances of 150km and 100km, while the Midori Group in May offers 160km, 120km, and 80km. If you're looking for a leisure ride, choose the 150km 2 day ride (Sakura) and take your time while making brief stops. And for those of you who want to experience something unique, choose the Cycle-Train option where you ride roughly 90km to Hakuba and then take the train back with your bike.

Find the route that best fits you!

* Includes: Finisher's Certificte & Event Insurance


Entry Fees Before Mar 31, 2018
160KM (5/20) High School and above ¥10,000
160KM (5/20) Elementary & Middle School ¥5,000
Cycle-Train (5/20) High School and above ¥14,000
Cycle-Train (5/20) Elementary and Middle School ¥9,000
120KM (5/20) High School and above ¥10,000
120KM (5/20) Elementary and Middle School ¥5,000
80KM (5/20) High School and above ¥10,000
80KM (5/20) Elementary and Middle School ¥5,000

・There will be a 10% service fee added to the total cost.
・Race Information
You will receive an email containing an event guide from Samurai Sports 2 to 3 weeks before the event. If you have questions, send us an email! Otherwise, we tend not to bother y'all or bombard you with emails regarding the event - we keep things simple.

・You will not be able to register for both the Sakura and Midori group.
・Your entry for both races will be cancelled if you register for both.

Bicycle and Equipment
1.) Bicycles
・Acceptable bicyces include road bicycles, cross bicycles, mountain bicycles, small-wheel bicycles, track bicycles (with front and rear brakes), and tandem bicycles.
・Recumbent bicycle​s are not permitted.
・All bicycles must pass inspection before the race.
2.) Attire
・Must dress in proper biking attire to ensure safety.
・Costumes are not permitted.
・Helmets are required.
・We recommend gloves for safety.
4.) Other Equipment
・You will be biking through multiple tunnels. Lights, tail lights, and reflectors are required.
・The following handlebars are prohibitted: DH Handle, Clip-On, and Spinaci handlebars

Road Rules
・Ride on the left side in a singe file line.
・Come to a complete stop at red lights.
・Cell phone usage is prohibitted while on the road.
・ Follow all traffic rules.
Rider Courtesy
・Keep a respectable distance from other bikers.
・When passing a biker, make sure to check your rear and then call ahead from the right side.
・Come to a complete stop when taking videos and pictures.
・It is strictly prohibitted to take pictures or videos while riding on a bicylce, unless it is mounted on the bicycle or attached to your helmet.
・Earphones that plug both ears are prohibitted.

Aid Stations
・Aid stations include bathrooms, water stations, and snacks.
・Support cars will pick all particpants up who do not meet each designated cut off times.
・The race may be shortened or cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. Participants will be notified on the website.
・There will be no refunds if the race is cancelled or shortened due to weather.
・The race insurance will only cover the day of the event.

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