Ride along Chiba's beautiful coast this Spring! The course also takes you along the Boso Flower Line, a long stretch of floral road with spring flowers in full bloom. Other notable sights include Tateyama City, Minami Boso City, and Kamogawa. Challenge yourself this spring with a long 130km or 100km. We also have a fun and easy 50km ride for beginners! All of the courses are come with various regional specialties that you won't want to miss. Register for your Boso Peninsula adventure today!

* Includes: Event T-shirt

Entry Fees Before Mar 05, 2018
Long Course 130km ¥13,000
Long Course 130km - Child (high school and under) ¥6,000
Middle Course 100km ¥11,000
Middle Course 100km - Child (high school and under) ¥6,000
Short Course 50km ¥8,000
Short Course 50km - Child (high school and under) ¥6,000

・There will be a 10% service fee added to the total cost

・Confirmation Letter
A confirmation letter will be sent out a week prior to the event. In case of any misdeliveries, we can check your information on registration day.

・Event Insurance
The event insurance will only cover the day of the race (24 hours). The compensation details are as follows. Any additional indurance will need to be purchased separately on your own.
AIU Insurance Policy
Date: Day of the event
Death & Disability Payout: 300 million yen / Hospitalization Payout: 2,000 yen per visit / Treatment Payout: 1,000 yen per visit

Must be able to ride a bicycle and own/use a bicycle light & helmet.

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