Get away from the skyscrapers and explore the nature side of Tokyo where you're surrounded by beautiful scenery of various shades of green.The 25km course consists of gentle climbs, making it fun for everyone including beginners! There will be a foot bath after the race to ease your pain. And if that's not enough, stop by "Ume no Yu" day spa located in front of JR Kabe Station for extra relaxation.

Entry Fees Before Mar 31, 2018
25km (Must be 16 and older) ¥6,000

・There will be a 10% service fee added to the total cost

○ Must be able to respect nature.
○ You will receive a full refund (except shipping charges) if cancelled during the registration period.
○ You will not to sue the organization of KFC Triathlon Club and Tokyo Nariki Forest Trail Run for any injury or death caused during the event.
○ Tokyo Nariki Forest Trail Run and its affiliates have the right to use your name and photos for event and media purposes.
○ You will have access to download all official race photos for free on the KFC website after the race.
○ There will be no refunds if the event is cancelled due to unforseen weather conditions or natural disasters.

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