Explore new discoveries in Tokyo
In this cycling event, you will be able to explore the many attractions that the Japanese capital, Tokyo, has to offer.
Throughout the 45km course, there is everything from infamous tourist attractions to relatively unkown attractions.
On the course, there are aid stations where you can rest, as well as a support vehicle in case of emergencies. This allows anybody, even beginners, to participate.
Bike Tokyo allows you to appreciate the vastness of Tokyo. Bikers are allowed to move freely, so lets adventure through Tokyo!

Includes: English Registration, English Athlete Guide, English Email/Phone Support, and Post-Race Follow-up (results, photos)

Entry Fees Before Oct 22, 2018
High school and above ¥6,000
Middle school and below ¥2,500

・If total cost is ¥5,000 or less, you will incur a flat fee service charge of ¥500.
・If total cost is more than ¥5,000, you will incur a service charge amounting to 10% of total cost.

Male or female participants of ages 10 and older who are healthy enough to complete the race (underage participants will need permission as well as an adult to accompany them).
All groups and participants must finish by 4PM.

There is no dressing/changing room. Please arrive ready to participate in the event.
Baggage checkin
We will hold on to your personal items if you do not have a car. However, please keep valuables with you, as we are not responsible for any losses or damage.
If you arrive by car, please leave your personal items in the car.

Before signing up, please carefully read all rules and regulations of the event.
If the rules and regulations cannot be followed, participation may be denied by the event organizers.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Refund Policy
There will no fee refunds due to inclement weather, or for participants who, for whatever reason, eventually do not take part. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Event entries are non-transferable. Any person doing so will be held responsible in case of an accident arising from or provoked by the other person during the event Participants determined to be violating this policy will be disqualified without a refund. The event organizers will reserve the right to exclude both parties from future events.

Bicycle Regulations
1. Your bicycle must conform with event regulations and cyclists must follow all safety requirements listed by the event organizers. We will send you a safety check list 2 weeks prior to the event, which you will need to print, sign, and hand in to reception on race day.
2. All bicycles must have brakes in BOTH the front and rear.

The following are PERMITTED:
Single gear bicycles with equipped free-hub front and rear breaks
Regular city bicycles
Handlebar end grips

The following are PROHIBITED:
Recumbent bicycles
Tandem bicycles
Bicycles with no brakes
DH/aero bars and clip on handle bars

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