Distance of 25km, elevation difference of 900m, and the finis hline is at Kazaharitoge (elevation of 1146m)

The stage, Hinohara Street + Okutamashyuyou Street, is located within Chichibu Tama Kai National Park of Hinohara Village where there is a beautiful natural environment with an expansive forest and clear streams. Hinohara Village is located on the western edge of Tokyo and touch both Yamanashi and Kanagawa Prefectures. It is also very popular as a resort for the people of Urban Tokyo.

The course is very well maintained throughout the year by the Tokyo Prefecture Construction Bureau, and there are no rocks or sand on the surfaces. This is one of the best hillclimb courses in the country. Compared to the Tokyo Hillclimb Okutama Stage and the Nariki Stage, the slope is easier to climb. However, there are some short downward slopes, which will require technique. Please be carefull when going downhill.

The starting point will be near the clock tower on Hinohara Street. The course runs through Henbori District and Kazuma District. It will pass the Hinohara Citizens' Forest into the finish line in Kazaharitoge, which is where Tokyo's highest road is (1146m). The exhilarating course is 25km long and the elevation altitude along the course is 900m.

Entry Fees Before Aug 31, 2018
Individual Entry ¥8,000
Team Entry (3 people) ¥22,500

・If total cost is ¥5,000 or less, you will incur a flat fee service charge of ¥500.
・If total cost is more than ¥5,000, you will incur a service charge amounting to 10% of total cost.

We will hold onto your items at the start area.
For domestic participants, we will deliver your race number, timing chip, and race guide prior to the event. On the day of the event, please follow the race guide, wear your race number as well as the timing chip, and be at the starting point by the start time.

If you are a foreign participant, we will start check-ins at 6AM. Please check-in to receive your race number and timing chip.

Terms and Conditions
Ages 16 & above (unless excused by committee)
Follow traffic rules and proper cycling etiquette
Has returned all previous timing chips from previous races
No refunds for participation fee.
If participant is injured or involved in a fatal or non-fatal accident, the organizers and employees of this event are in no way responsible. The participant will bear all responsibilities.
Photos and names of participants will be used freely by event organizers for media purposes
No refunds for participation fees if the event is cancelled due to bad weather.
Time limit: 120 minutes*
*Subject to change*

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