Race the Doshumichi and challenge Gokayama’s mountain ridges! Best suited for intermediate and advanced trail runners, don’t miss the opportunity to run by a World Heritage Site and tackle more than 2,600 meters (36KM) or 1,200 (16KM) meters of cumulative elevation gain! After it’s all said and done, treat yourself to a scrumptious seafood dinner from the nearby Japan Sea!

Start and finish amidst 1200 year old temple steeped in history and run a course that monks once travelled to strengthen their will and self-discipline. The trail will take you through beautiful beech forests and along mountain ridges. The Doshumichi has only recently been cleared and is now maintained by local conservation groups.

Entry Fees Before Sep 07, 2018
Long Distance (36KM) *Ages 18 & up (high school students not eligible) ¥9,000
Medium Distance (16KM) *High school & above ¥7,000
Short Distance (8KM) *High school and above ¥4,000
Short Distance (8KM) *5th grade through middle school ¥3,000

・If total cost is ¥5,000 or less, you will incur a flat fee service charge of ¥500.
・If total cost is more than ¥5,000, you will incur a service charge amounting to 10% of total cost.

This is a timed race. Participants who finish sooner will rank higher.
If you do not arrive by the start time, you are ineligible to participate.
If you have not finished the race by the time limit, you will be marked as DNF (Did Not Finish) in the official results. Depending on your location, race staff will guide you to the appropriate procedures for your safe return to the race site. Do not ignore them or run past them.
Wear your bib number properly.
Hiking sticks and poles are not allowed.
Follow staff instructions and guidance throughout the event.
Familiarize yourself with the disqualification criteria prior to the race.
The below equipment are strongly recommended:
- Bear bells
- Rainwear
- Gloves
- Emergency sheet
- Water (more than 1L - REQUIRED)
- Food supply
- A cup or bottle (aid stations will not have paper cups)
- Proof of health/medical insurance (copies accepted)
- Phone (with connectivity in Japan and a number registered for the event)
Ideally, you would bring all of the equipment above. Because there are slippery areas on the trail, we also recommend long-sleeve clothing, as well as a cap.

Reasons for Disqualification
Littering, exiting the official course, or exhibiting poor manners
Not following the race rules and ignoring race staff
Falsifying age, gender, or identity to participate in the race
Committing illegal actions
Arriving after the start time
Not finishing within the time limit of the race
Lacking the proper equipment for the race
Participating without your race bib
Wearing earphones or other items that may limit your hearing (excludes hearing aids)

Cancellation and Course Adjustment
- If inclement weather is forecast or ongoing, or if the course is damaged to the point where the event organizers cannot guarantee the safety of the participants, the race will be cancelled. However, if the organizers deem that the weather will improve, the race will be resumed while the course may be changed.

・ No refunds or credits will be issued. This applies to incidents in which the event is cancelled for any reason including personal participant circumstances of the participant (including illness and injury) and incidents in which the event is cancelled due to unforeseen weather conditions or natural disasters.
・You will not sue the event organizers nor its affiliates (including Samurai Sports) for any injury or death caused during the event.
・ You consent to and will give all authorities and copyright to the event organizer and affiliates for the use of photography, motion pictures, articles, recordings or any other record of this event (including personal information such as name, age, gender, personal record, portrait, and etc.) for legitimate purposes and use in newspapers, TV, magazines, internet and any media publishing such as Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and pamphlets.
・ Please ensure you have lodging and transportation plans figured out BEFORE registering for this event.

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