The time of colorful autumn leaves is just around the corner. Feel the excitement when you run along the historical and mythical Togakushi trail. The Shinshu-Togakushi Trail Run Race is under the care of forest preservation and will mostly run through the Joshinetsu-Kogen National Park, where you are surrounded by pure nature. See the natural beauty of the Togakushi Shrine in the middle of the woods that were once dedicated to mythological gods.

Reward yourself after the race with warm handmade Togakushi soba! Don't miss out on this beautiful autumn race!

Entry Fees Before Aug 24, 2018
Long Course (with lodging) ¥20,000
Middle Course (with lodging) ¥16,500
Short Course ¥4,000
Short Course (for children under High School). ¥3,000

・If total cost is ¥5,000 or less, you will incur a flat fee service charge of ¥500.
・If total cost is more than ¥5,000, you will incur a service charge amounting to 10% of total cost.

Race Rules
- This is a timed race and you will be ranked by the person with the fastest time.
- You will not be able to race if you are late.
- Those who go over the checkpoint time must withdraw from the race and follow the race staff's instructions.
- Wear your bib numbers visibly.
- If the race requires other equipment to carry, then you must bring it to the race.
- Put on rubber caps when using trekking poles.
- You must always follow directions from race staff at all times during the race.
- Read and acknowledge race rules and disqualifications before the race.

Required Equipment & Attire
- Bear bells
- Rain gear (carry warm clothes; outer wear only is permitted)
- Gloves
- Emergency blankets
Water (make sure to have more than 1L at the start line)
- Food
- Cup (paper cups will not be provided at the aid stations)
- Health Insurance (a photocopy is permitted)
- Cellphone that you registered

* make sure you prepare everything on the list. There are uneven and slippery trails so we recommend wearing clothes with little skin exposure, gloves, and hats.

Reasons to be disqualified
- Littering, hiking on unmarked trails, and bad manners
- Violating race rules and not following race staff's instructions.
- Running in place of someone who is not registered.
- Cheating
- Late runners
- Those who do not meet the checkpoint cut-off times or the overall cut-off time.
- Those who do not bring the required equiments and attire.
- Not wearing bib numbers (needs to be visible)
- Headphones are prohibitted.

Please read carefully
1.) Regarding nature conservation
Stay on the course and do not pass unmarked trails. Always stay on the trail even when passing another racer or hiker. Do not litter and always keep your trash with you until the end. Be careful of dropping things and try to pick up after other people. You are not allowed to pick up animals and plants from the course or the surrounding areas. There are no limitations to using a trekking pole, but please make sure they have rubber caps on the bottom. However, trekking poles may become prohibitted without notice depending on the course deterioration. Also, be cautious of other racers and hikers around you when using the trekking pole. Use bathrooms provided at each aid stations. Wash your shoes thoroughly before using them at the race, especially the soles for dirt, grass, and sand so that you don't bring foreign plants to the trail.

2.) Respect other hikers
The trail may be used by locals, as well as other hikers and tourists. Share the trail and don't let anyone feel inconvenienced or put them in danger. When passing someone, verbally let them know. If the trail is too narrow, then slow down and walk past them. Don't forget to thank the locals and volunteers who put together the race!

3.) Safety
Call a race staff or the phone number on your race bib if you get hurt or sick. The race may be cancelled if the race director decides that the race is too difficult to continue. The race takes place in natureso the condition frequently changes. All participants should understand this and be cautious at all times.
The weather condition, such as wind, rain, snow, and gas) can change suddenly at high altitude and get cold. Be prepared beforehand. There will be doctors and nurses at the finish line if you get injured or sick. Also, there will be emergency vehicles at the aid stations for those who get hurt or need to withdraw from the race. The race provides accident insurance during the race.

4.) Withdrawing from the race
If you need to withdraw from the race for whatever reason, you can do so at the aid stations or by going to the race headquarters directly. Please return the timing chip once you withdraw. In case you get seriously injured or you cannot move, call the phone number on the back of your bib number immediately for help.

5.) Course instructions
There will be instructions on boards and the course will be taped off (a 10cm yellow tape with "Fields" logo) when the route is not obvious. If you get lost, back track and find the yellow tape instead of moving in the wrong direction. There will be a race staff at important positions. Always follow their guidance.

6.) Timing chip
You will need to return the timing chips that are placed on the back of your bib number after the race or when you withdraw from the race. You will be charged for lost or broken timing chips.

7.) Registration
You will not be able to participate in the race if you do not make it to race check-in.

Lodging and Accommodation
Shinshu Togakushi Trail Run's lodging has been made possible thanks to the cooperation of Togakushi Hotel & Ryokan Association. All athletes who have registered for the race and paid their fees will be assigned lodging and must stay at his/her designated accommodation facility in Togakushi. All designated places of lodging are cooperating in conjunction with the race committee. It's essential that you rest well on the night before the race to prevent any possible injuries or accidents that may occur in a high altitude environment. Relax in your lodge and get ready for the race - it will be an early start!

1. The event organizers will allocate your place of lodging. You will receive an email from the event organizers or directly from the place of lodging approximately two weeks before the race.
2. If you wish to have your own room by yourself, you must indicate so when you register for the race. Single rooms are an additional ¥3,000.
3 . If you wish to share a room with or stay at the same place of lodging with fellow athletes, let us know who you'd like to stay with. Likewise, if you wish to share a room with or stay with non-participants (family or friends) in the same place of lodging, let us know (extra fees may apply).
4. Please inquire regarding rates for infants and children.
5. Transportation service between the race venue and the accommodation may be available; they will do their best to accommodate athlete's and their race schedules.
6. If you wish to cancel the accommodation reservation, you must let us know by August 31, 2018. Please note that participants are responsible for the bank charge for the refund. If participants fail to inform Samurai Sports of cancellation after August 31, 2018, no refund will be honored.

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