Take a cycling tour around one of Japan's National Treasures! Hikone Castle and its castle town are one of the very few places in Japan that still retains its appearance and ambience from the past. Travel back in time to the Edo period, Meiji period, Taisho period, and Showa period. If there's time, you may even cycle on the former Nakasendo highway.

Participation Fee Before Dec 31, 2018
Half Day Cycling Tour for 2 people (7,560JPY/person) ¥15,120
Half Day Cycling Tour for 3 people (7,560JPY/person) ¥22,680
Half Day Cycling Tour for 4 people (7,560JPY/person) ¥30,240
Half Day Cycling Tour for 5 people (7,560JPY/person) ¥37,800

Includes: Guide, Rental BIKE, Helmet, Insurance, Tax

・If total cost is ¥5,000 or less, you will incur a flat fee service charge of ¥500.
・If total cost is more than ¥5,000, you will incur a service charge amounting to 10% of total cost.
・All schedules are subject to change due to traffic, weather conditions, and other extenuating factors.
・Photos taken during your tour will be copyrighted by Ridas and may be used on the website or any publications.
・Monetary offerings are required when visiting temples and shrines.
・You are responsible for your own valuable and personal belongings.
・Notify any staff personnel whenever you do not feel well.

Cancellation policy:
Please notify us by 72 hours prior to the tour time if you cancel your tour. You will be charged the cancellation fee based on the cancellation policy if you cancel the tour within 72 hours for any reason. Please see the detail.
・72 hours or more prior to the tour time: 0% of a tour fee
・24 to 72 hours prior to the tour time: 50% of a tour fee
・Within 24 hours or the day of the tour or no show: 100% of a tour fee

※We will email you if the requested tour date is not available. (Full refund for tours)

※We will send you an email confirmation within the next 2-3 business days regarding your bicycle size, helmet size, and your cycling level.

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